Valued Lives Australian Online Microenterprise Directory

Discover local businesses run by people with disability.

Burning Benno
Diva J Art Graphics
Disability Tek
Leila’s Pet DayCare Services
David Oakey Timbersmith
Wheel Experiences
Leila’s Dogs and Horses Pet Care Services
Mad-Orse Industries
Fancy Lady Industries
Electric Mowing and General Gardening
Bubbles, Bears & Other Wares
Isaac Delivers
Short and Sweet Media
CJ’s uniQue Creations
Lexie’s Blue Wren Candles
Inner Space Wellbeing
Jennifer’s Vision
S&B Personalised Printing
Kathryn Chivers Yoga
Kyal’s Doggy Delights
Tia’s FunknSoul97
Brandon’s Shredding Boxes
Moopster’s Munchies
Energy-Saving Self Care Cards

Welcome to Valued Lives online microenterprise* directory portal; an online directory where any person with a disability who has their own microenterprise can advertise and promote their business free of charge!

*A microenterprise is a very small business that is simple to start, with minimal capital required. It also has a vital purpose; it improves the quality of life of people with disabilities.