Valued Lives Australian Online Microenterprise Directory

Discover local businesses run by people with disability.

David Oakey Timbersmith
Leila’s Dogs and Horses Pet Care Services
Lexie’s Blue Wren Candles
Isaac Delivers
Electric Mowing and General Gardening
Leila’s Pet DayCare Services
Moopster’s Munchies
S&B Personalised Printing
Jennifer’s Vision
Kyal’s Doggy Delights
Kathryn Chivers Yoga
Inner Space Wellbeing
Wheel Experiences
Energy-Saving Self Care Cards
Brandon’s Shredding Boxes
Bubbles, Bears & Other Wares
Diva J Art Graphics
Short and Sweet Media
Disability Tek
Burning Benno
Mad-Orse Industries
Fancy Lady Industries
CJ’s uniQue Creations
Tia’s FunknSoul97

Welcome to Valued Lives online microenterprise* directory portal; an online directory where any person with a disability who has their own microenterprise can advertise and promote their business free of charge!

*A microenterprise is a very small business that is simple to start, with minimal capital required. It also has a vital purpose; it improves the quality of life of people with disabilities.

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