Microenterprise Hub Spaces

Valued Lives has the use of three Microenterprise Hub spaces where vulnerable community members can co-share office space to operate their MEPs in a supportive community. The Hubs are based in the local communities of Midland, Fremantle and Applecross and we want to engage with local businesses, artists and community organisations to embed the project into the heart of the community.

We see Microenterprise Hubs operating in every Australian major city, where vulnerable people have a safe community space to go to, to set up their Microenterprises, hold valued social roles, are valued people and are contributing both socially and economically to the life of the community.

23 Old Great Northern Highway
Midland, WA


43 Wilkinson St
Fremantle, WA


Murray House, Heathcote Reserve
58 Duncraig Rd
Applecross, WA